Ringo Starr

  Lennon on Starr “Ringo is a damn good drummer”
 “In 1980, during an interview with David Sheff for Playboy magazine, Lennon said of Starr:
“Ringo was a star in his own right in Liverpool before we even met. He was a professional drummer who sang and performed and had Ringo Starr-time and he was in one of the top groups in Britain but especially in Liverpool before we even had a drummer. So Ringo’s talent would have come out one way or the other as something or other. I don’t know what he would have ended up as, but whatever that spark is in Ringo that we all know but can’t put our finger on — whether it is acting, drumming or singing I don’t know — there is something in him that is projectable and he would have surfaced with or without the Beatles. Ringo is a damn good drummer.”
David Sheff interviewed John Lennon and Yoko Ono published (posthumously) in Playboy (January 1981).

These are little plastic models of The Beatles, complete with nodding heads!

Thanks to the EMI Archive Trust for allowing us to publish the picture’s. You can learn more about the Trust and make contact with them to arrange a visit to their archive here.


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