Tonight – People’s History of Pop

The first episode of the People’s History of Pop is to be broadcast on BBC Four at 9pm tonight, as part of the year-long My Generation season. Photo courtesy of BBC People’s History of Pop Episode one sees Twiggy unearth pop treasures including a recording of John Lennon’s first-ever recorded performance with his band The Quarrymen, at aContinue reading “Tonight – People’s History of Pop”

Fete intervenes 54 years ago today. Lennon meets McCartney.

There are dates in pop history that we most likely all remember, Elvis’ death, Live Aid, Woodstock, but what about July 6, 1957? The late fifties – Cliff Richard was yet to emerge, Elvis was King, Bill Haley was still having hit records and Teddy Boys greased back their hair in the embryonic coffee bars.Continue reading “Fete intervenes 54 years ago today. Lennon meets McCartney.”

Paul McCartney, Mick Jagger & who is that mystery man? Quiz.

This photograph hangs on the wall of a significant financier. We can see it’s McCartney and Jagger in a recording studio. Three questions. Who is the guy with the neckerchief biting his nails? Which studio are they in? What year is it? Over to you….. Update – Is this the same guy (the one onContinue reading “Paul McCartney, Mick Jagger & who is that mystery man? Quiz.”

George Martin documentary review

Thanks to the wonders of the BBC Iplayer I finally watched the Arena documentary Produced By George Martin last night. It was even better than I’d hoped for. If you are in the UK you can still just about catch it here and I’d advise you to ignore the Bank Holiday sunshine for an hour andContinue reading “George Martin documentary review”