Paul McCartney, Mick Jagger & who is that mystery man? Quiz.

This photograph hangs on the wall of a significant financier. We can see it’s McCartney and Jagger in a recording studio. Three questions. Who is the guy with the neckerchief biting his nails? Which studio are they in? What year is it?

Over to you…..

Update – Is this the same guy (the one on the right)?

And this guy (on the left)?

and left here….

conclusive proof:

The man in the shirt is Glyn Johns.

Is this the studio? From 4.45

Still looking for confirmation of the year and the studio.


One thought on “Paul McCartney, Mick Jagger & who is that mystery man? Quiz.

  1. I had the chance to work with Glyn Johns in 1979. I was working for a remote truck called FEDCO Audio. We traveled to Hamilton and Toronto Canada to record a live album for Joan Armatrading called Steppin Out. Glynn Johns was the producer. He is well known for his 3 mic technique for recordings drums. I have used that mic setup many times. It was a great experience working for him.

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