Dave Holley (left) and James Hall, the hosts of the podcast, with their very tiny gramophone.

Welcome to The Sound of The Hound podcasts. We’ve had fun making them and hope you enjoy listening to them.


Episode 20: Simon Blumlein on Alan Dower Blumlein

Episode 19: Giles Martin

Episode 18: Adelina Patti

Episode 17: Dame Nellie Melba

Episode 16: William Barry Owen

Episode 15: Sinkler Darby

Episode 14: Feodor Chaliapin

Episode 13: Emma Calve

Episode 12: To Japan

Episode 11: To India

Episode 10: Fred’s Plaque


Episode 9 Interview with Joe Boyd

Episode 8 James Hall on The Industry of Human Happiness

Episode 7 The Caruso breakthrough

Episode 6 The Last Castrato

Episode 5: Russian revolutions (part two)

Episode 4: Russian revolutions (part one)

Episode 3: The first propaganda record

Episode 2: Syria Lamonte, the world’s first female recording star

Episode 1: Fred Gaisberg arrives in London

June 2021: Spectator called us “delightfully nerdy” and “jolly good company”

April 2020: We were delighted to be selected by Fiona Sturges as one of the Top 10 podcasts to listen to during lockdown:


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