Story Telling Pictures by Peter Kemp

The Hound heartily thanks Roel Kruize in bringing to our attention the artist Peter Kemp.

Peter’s Kemp’s award winning photography is best described as “Story Telling Pictures”. The image below is the second in a series of 4 photographs in the “His Masters Voice – HMV series” which pays homage to this great music label under the name “Musica”. Kemp is truly dedicated to his art – usually spending months preparing each photograph to ensure that his vision and creativity is fully realised. He has been praised for his dynamic concepts as well as his eye for capturing an entire narrative within each image.

Raffaella_neerkijkend-op-hond6-grootPhoto: Copyright Peter Kemp, Delft (NL) 

This photograph featuring the model Raffaela is a stunning portrayal of the early years in the Muisca/HMV Company. Notably it was a nominee in the “Framed Artist Award, 2013”. (The final winner was announced in Las Vegas, USA on March 12.)

The “His Masters Voice –  HMV series” came about when Peter Kemp’s cousin who is connected to Roel Kruize wife’s family heard that Kruize was the proud owner of a very special gramophone, a replica of Nipper and above all a copy of the famous painting. (One of only three in existence in Holland.) Kemp approached Kruize to borrow the art pieces for a long weekend. Despite being unfamiliar with Kemps work Roel was excited by the idea. Needless to say when Kruize received a copy of the photographs he was over the moon. The objects featured in the “HMV storytelling pictures series” belong to  Kruize  and therefore due credit goes to him for making this series possible. Roel Kruize devoted his life and career to the success of EMI and HMV . He worked for no other company. Was the senior manager of the Dutch EMI Company for many years and had positions in EMI International in A&R and Marketing worldwide (excluding USA.)  He has a profound love for EMI Classics and its phenomenal heritage


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