Friday Mystery Object # 2

Can you identify the hand that helped shape The Gramophone Company and Electric and Musical Industries Ltd …

Mystery object 2

……………………the clue to the identity of this wheeler dealer pioneer is in hand!


3 thoughts on “Friday Mystery Object # 2

  1. Further to my intial comment, Alfred Clark was the first EMI chaiman. He had worked with Eldrige Johson on an improved soundbox design which they patented. On this EMI subject, I helped P.D.R..Marks develope the famous EMI 806 Microphone amplifier and other associated equipment whilst I was in the EMI Studio Sound laboritory during 1958 and 1959

    1. Lester Smith ( Abbey Road very own microphone wizard) would like to ask you more about the EMI 806 microphone amp and where the EMI sound studio was based and did you do work on the PM 201 microphone please

      I can put you in contact with each other if you wish to carry on the discussion outside the blog

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