A ghost in the machine

Deep in the vaults of the EMI Archive lies a mysterious Ghostly Gramophone player. Despite laying dormant for many years, while showing visitors around the collection an unsuspecting intern and her guests witnessed the turn table revolving. The gramophone in question in not electric, no one had touched it and the winding mechanism is frozen.
We have video footage of the guests looking curiously at the turn table as the turn table continues to turn unassisted!
Is this paranormal activity or do you have a more scientific explanation?

Special thanks to Danielle Burgess, Kevin Bell and Dev Ruprai.


3 thoughts on “A ghost in the machine

  1. With the winding mechanism “frozen”, presuming that it must have been left dormant in the fully overwound position, the label attached to the winding handle is stationary, showing that no attempt at winding had taken place. I suspect that one of the spectators pointed to the turntable, giving the turntable a touch, just enough to enable the overwould spring “spring to life” again.

    1. Hi Russell,

      Lester also believes it something mechanical…

      I have met this phenomena many times. After my vintage gramophones have lay dormant for 20 or 30 years, the felt pad that is attached to the metal brake starts to disintegrate thanks to the moth. (We all have moths don’t we?) Anyhow it is pretty spooky when I hear coming from my store cupboard the slow sound of metal scraping against metal as the strength left in the spring overcomes the poor and worn strength left in the brake! Thank you very much! Lester Smith

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