Memories of EMI – Brian Kehew at Abbey Road Studios

Thanks again to the lovely folks from the EMI Archive Trust for sharing another great piece. They recently met up with the legend Brian Kehew (Co-Author of the Recording the Beatles book) for their Memories of EMI Campaign.

In this short video he shares how they found one of the key pieces of technology used on many Beatles recordings and the software model that followed that discovery.

If you are interested in taking part in this campaign you can contact the EMI Archive Trust:

Music: “Everybody’s trying to be my baby” by Carl Perkins

Photo credits:
Abbey Road Studios and Equipment. Photographer: A.C.K Ware Ltd, 1930s – 40s. Copyright: EMI Music Ltd
Altec Compressor and “Recording the Beatles” book cover with permission from Brian Kehew and Kevin Ryan







3 thoughts on “Memories of EMI – Brian Kehew at Abbey Road Studios

    1. Thanks David
      Keep your eye out on for the next piece to camera from Kevin Ryan, co-author of the ‘Recording the Beatles’…..he completes this marvellous triptych!

  1. It is a pity EMI don’t realise how much of a large part they played in Elvis Presley’s success in the launch of his career in the UK in 1956. Elvis’ first hit Heartbreak Hotel and first number one All Shook Up both released on HMV. Also two hit albums

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