How fabulous Capitol Records worked in 1951. Watch this brilliant film!

This has just been uploaded onto youtube by Dantanasgirl (whoever she is…and we’d love to make contact with er).

Its quite brilliant. Take a 35 minute break, make a cup of tea. Treat yourself to a biscuit and watch this film that Capitol Records made in 1951 to show their executives how a record company worked in those halcyon days for the industry, just as sales were about to explode for the next 50 years….Great days. And Dean Martin and Les Paul in the Studios to boot!


5 thoughts on “How fabulous Capitol Records worked in 1951. Watch this brilliant film!

  1. Just brilliant – and for those who’ve heard of the performers and even more pertinently, the Capitol Records staff, it’s a major memory lane trip. Such a shame the film obviously gave out before the pay-off. Did Billy May buy a record from Mel Blanc or not?? The lady who posted it on You Tube is obviously a dedicated Al Martino researcher and fan – maybe she can tell us if the last five minutes even exists?!

  2. Alison – lovely to hear from you. From your other You Tube postings we are assuming you must be related to Al Martino, who of course, among his many successes, was the first-ever artist to top the UK charts in November 1952 with ‘Here in my Heart’ – on Capitol Records. We are also on the track of a complete version of this wonderful film, which we’d certainly never seen before. Do let us know if you are able to upload a full 35 minute version.

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