Welcome to a new contributor

We are proud to welcome Carey Fleiner to the Sound Of The Hound team.

Carey is Assistant Professor at the University of Delaware. She teaches and writes widely about music. Her published work includes “‘History of Rock and Roll’ Courses: Bridging the Gap Between Reaction and Reality”, “Rebellion or Transformation: Dave Davies’ Spiritual Journey from the 60s to Present Day: A Contextual Analysis” and “Dulcet Tones: Changing a Gittern into a Citole.”

Recent public presentations include “Heroes and Villains: The Medieval ‘Guitarist’ in the Middle Ages and Modern Parallels”, “Innovation in 1960s Popular Music: Technology, Culture, and Politics,” and “Feminine Aspects in the Work and Performance of the Kinks 1963-1970.” She is a particular expert on The Kinks. All in all, none more SOTH!

Carey has written a series of articles about the great and now often over-looked Eldridge Johnson for SOTH, the first part of which is published tomorrow.

Welcome Carey.


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