Friday Mystery Object # 3

This weeks mystery object might set you in a spin….

Mystery Object # 3
Mystery Object # 3

…….. can you tell what it is yet?


6 thoughts on “Friday Mystery Object # 3

  1. This may be a lath in the process for spinning a disc of alluminium to produce a trumpet shaped horn for a clockwork gramaphone

  2. Looks like hill & dale (vertical cut) recording. I would say that the left side shows a recorded groove and the right side shows the lead screw used to move the cylinder relative to the cutter head. (Could be that the cutter head is moved by the lead screw but moving a cutter attached to a vast recording horn is far more cumbersome than moving the cylinder. I believe in the days of acoustic recording it was more common to move the recording medium rather than the cutter for this very reason)

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