Gaisberg’s Travels # 3

There’s no place like home…

114 years ago, 20th August 1899, Fred Gaisberg and fellow sound engineer William Sinkler Darby were on their way back to London from Madrid via Bordeaux. They came across many strange characters and had strong opinions about the local cuisine as this extract from Gaisberg’s show’s that even after the best adventure there’s no place like home…

Sunday, 20 August 1899 [at sea]

We awake and find we are on our way to London. We enjoy the good English food once more, and make the acquaintance of some nice English chaps.  The day is beautiful and the air is invigorating. After dinner, we sit in the smoking room chatting with the Captain, a jolly Englishman. We were discussing an article in a newspaper saying a woman in England had given birth to a sextette. Some of the men discredited the Captain’s statement, and he said he was not there – nor was he the father of the sextette.  The distance from Bordeaux to London is about 800 miles and we’ll arrive Wednesday morning (noon).


Extract from ©Hugo Strötbaum – Gaisberg Diaries


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